Best External SSD for PS (PlayStation)

Best External SSD for PS (PlayStation) in 2023

Storage for PlayStation

If you own a PlayStation, you need extra storage space for PS, you need to get an external USB drive. You can opt for an external hard drive or SSD to install your PS games on your device. Also, once you plugged in an SSD drive to your play station. You cam transfer games installed on PS to SSD and viceversa. If you have a huge library of PS games, you can connect your SSD without taking up much space on the internal SSD. It’s always better to have an external SSD to store and play your PS games than to use the internal memory of Play station. If you are confused to choose the best external SSD, this article is for you. To know more about the external hard drive for PS, check out our detailed guide below.

Best External SSD for PS4 Pro

External SSD and HDDs are compatible with PS4 Pro, and it is defined to run from the game console extra fast custom SSD. If you are looking to buy the best external SSD for PS4 pro, you need to consider Crucial SSD since they are extremely faster than hard disk drives with a lightweight design. Moreover, Crucial is a well-known brand with recent new upgrades. Also, the Crucial SSD is the best option for PS4 Pro, and also, when you like to move to PS5, this will be compatible. 

Best External SSD for PS4 Pro

Moreover, the speed of this SSD will be quick and great for PS4, so you can load your PS4 games effortlessly in no time. With the help of the best external SSD, you can get a portable library to store your PS games. If you want to play a digital game as well as a physical game, getting the external SSD is the best choice. With the help of PS, you can enjoy more storage space. It is quick and easy to set up an external SSD than to upgrade an internal hard drive. You will be ready to use your external SSD quickly time without a hassle. 

PS4 External Hard Drive 1TB

The PS4 external hard drive 1 TB uses USB 3.0, and it utilizes good physical space and offers great performance. You can store plenty of games on your external hard drive which outweighs the storage space. Also, the PS4 hard drive can boot up and load games within seconds. Whereas if you buy the best external SSD for PS4, you will enjoy the benefits of loading your game much faster than before. Moreover, you can transfer the games to the higher version of PS with no trouble. You will also be able to bridge the gap between the PS4 library and the Ps5 library since you store games on your external USB drive. 

Even if you are happy with your PS4 internal storage, you need to consider buying an external hard drive for your PS4 to back up your data since no one like corrupted data. Moreover in gaming, if you lose data, you lose the game progress, and redownloading data can make you frustrated to create the game. So getting the best external SSD for PS can make you play without interruption, and you can complete your software updates with ease. And buying the PS4 external hard drive of 1 TB can help you enjoy the game performance with increased speed, extra storage space, and faster file transfer. 

Best External SSD for PS5

There are various external SSD available for PS5, if you are looking for the best external SSD for PS5, you news to choose the SSD that has a decent capacity that has good performance than a traditional HDD, and is cheaper in price. Therefore by considering all the factors, we would suggest you go for Crucial Xe and that would be your best bet. Also, a Crucial SSD is great for playing PS5 games since they have faster loading times. YOu can also store the Ps5 game in the external SDD since it takes less time than 3 minutes to transfer 30GB of data. 

Best External SSD for PS4 Pro

Crucial offers an attractive SSD than its previous version, and it offers great performance for the money. Moreover, the Crucial X6 comes in various storage options, such as 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB. The storage offers sequential read up to 800 MB/S and if you are looking for a durable and fast SSD, choose the Crucial one since it offers; great speed, a compact size, and comes at the best price. Therefore when getting the best external SSD for PS5 consider the speed, space, and performance. 


You can pick up the best external SS for PS4 that allows you to quickly transfer the data to your console. You can easily plug in your external SSD to a PlayStation and get extra storage space to store your games and media files. Moreover, after choosing the PS5 you can easily plug in your external SSD without needing to upgrade your internal hard drive. Therefore pick up a good solid-state drive to enjoy a faster loading time whenever you install a new game to the drive. With the help of the best external SSD you can enjoy playing the game with increased performance, so more getting struck in the game.