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1. Sync videos, music, photos- 480Mbps with fast charging up to 60W (20V@3A, up to 2.1A.
2. Anti-twist abrasion-resistant cable is tested to withstand at least 10,000 cycles of 90 degree bends.
3. A 90? USB-A connector is perfectly suited for Kensington Charge & Sync cabinets.
4. Compact cable length (327mm/12.9″) helps reduce cable clutter and resists tangles.
5. Copper wire delivers a quality connection.”

( PACK OF 10 PCS )

I. Charge and Sync Cable Type C

High-Speed Data Transfer: Experience lightning-fast syncing with Type C compatibility.

Durable Build: Reinforced connectors and sturdy cable ensure long-lasting performance.

Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of devices.

Fast Charging: Power up your devices quickly and proficiently.

Tangle-Free Design: Say goodbye to baffling bunches and tangles.

Sleek Aesthetics: Combines style with functionality for a modern look.

Travel-Friendly: Compact and portable for on-the-go convenience.

Reliable Performance: Trust in stable connections and consistent charging.

II. Fast Charging Cable Type C

Rapid Charging: Delivers lightning-fast capacity to your devices.

Optimized for Type C: Designed for seamless compatibility with Type C ports.

Durable Construction: Reinforced connectors ensure long-lasting performance.

Efficient Data Transfer: Swift syncing for hassle-free file transfers.

Tangle-Free Design: Say goodbye to knots and snags with a tangle-resistant cable.

Universal Compatibility: Works easily with a wide cluster of devices.

Travel-Ready: Compact and portable for on-the-go convenience.

Reliable Performance: Trust in stable connections and consistent charging speeds.

III. Charge and Sync Cable for Android

Android Compatibility: Tailored for seamless connection with Android devices.

Fast Charging: Power up swiftly for uninterrupted use.

Efficient Data Syncing: Quick and reliable file transfers

Durable Build: Long-lasting connectors ensure reliable performance.

Tangle-Free Design: Say goodbye to disappointing bunches and tangles.

Universal Connectivity: Works with various Android models for versatility.

Travel-Friendly: Compact and portable for on-the-go convenience.

IV. Portronics Charging Cable Type-C

Elevate your charging experience with Portronics Type-C Cable. Designed for rapid quick charging and fast information move, its solid form ensures dependable performance. Compatible with a range of devices, it’s your versatile companion for all connectivity needs.

A. How Do I Know If My Cable Is Charge And Sync?

To identify a Charge and Sync cable, check for compatible connectors (e.g., USB Type-A, Type-C) on both ends. It should support both charging devices and data transfer between them. Look for product specifications or branding indicating its capabilities.

B. What Does Lightning Charge and sSync Mean?

Lightning charge and sync refers to Apple’s proprietary technology for fast charging and data transfer between devices using a Lightning cable, commonly used with iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

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