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If you’re looking for a robust or fast SSD, the Crucial X10 Pro portable SSD from a Crucial company could be the right choice for you. This SSD will be ideal for photography and storing your memories while traveling.

I. Crucial® x10 Pro Portable SSD Specification

Speed Reads/writes up to 2,100/2,000MB/s
Capacity 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
Durability Water, dust, and sand resistant (IP55)
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, PC, and Linux
Warranty 5-Year limited
Encryption Password protection and 256‐bit AES hardware encryption to help protect private data

II. Crucial® X10 Pro Portable SSD Benefits

  • Powerful performance: With read and write speeds up to 2,100/2,000MB/s, the Crucial® X10 Pro Portable SSD is powerful enough for editing directly from the drive.


  • Pocket-sized powerhouse: This portable SSD is small and lightweight, making it perfect for travel.


  • Best For Traveling: Protect sensitive data in the studio, in the field, or while traveling with password protection and 256‐bit AES hardware encryption.


  • Water and Dust Proof: Water and dust make no difference to this material.


  • Professional Quality: The Crucial X10 Pro Portable SSD, designed by Micron, is made of anodized aluminum and has a rubberized soft-touch base. It measures 65 x 50 mm and has a drive activity light in the inbuilt lanyard hole.

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