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The VESA Plate Monitor, a versatile display solution, caters to diverse needs in Dubai, UAE. Its similarity and usefulness make it a fundamental apparatus for different professional Setups.

I. VESA Mount Monitor

  1. Improved Ergonomics:
  • Allows for customizable height and tilt adjustments.
  • Reduces strain on your neck and eyes by providing an optimal viewing angle.
  1. Maximized Desk Space:
  • Frees up valuable desk space for other tasks or accessories.
  • Creates a clean and organized workstation.
  1. Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enables easy swiveling and rotation for landscape or portrait mode.
  • Ideal for performing various tasks or imparting your screen to other people.
  1. Cable Management:
  • Helps to keep cables organized and prevents tangling.
  • Creates a clutter-free environment, improving overall aesthetics.

II. VESA Mount Stand For Monitor

  • Free up desk space and improve ergonomics with a VESA mount stand.
  • Adjust your Vesa Plate Monitor’s height, tilt, and swivel for the perfect viewing angle.
  • Mount one or multiple monitors to your desk or wall with a VESA mount stand.
  • Get a more immersive gaming experience or boost your productivity with a VESA mount stand.
  • Elevate your setup with the ultimate VESA mount stand selected from our carefully curated list of top-notch options.

A. VESA Mount Adapter

  • Convert your non-VESA Plate Monitor to a VESA mount with a simple adapter.
  • Get the benefits of a VESA mount, such as adjustability and flexibility, without the VESA mounting holes.
  • Mount your monitor on your desk or wall with a VESA mount adapter, even if it doesn’t have VESA mounting holes.

B. What is VESA in a Monitor?

VESA defines standards for mounting points of interaction on monitors and TVs. This standard enables cost-effective installation in various settings, enhancing flexibility and ergonomic advantages for screen positioning.

C. What is a VESA Plate?

VESA plates are typically made of metal and have four screw holes that match the VESA mounting pattern. They are not difficult to introduce and can be used with most VESA mounts.

D. Do Monitors Come With VESA Plates?

Not all monitors come with VESA plates. It depends on the model and manufacturer. Some monitors are VESA-compatible, but the mounting plate may be sold separately. Always check the product specifications before purchasing.


Allows you to mount a docking station, like the SD3600, on the back of your monitor
Compatible with monitors featuring either 75mm or 100mm VESA layout
Adjustable during installation to place the dock at your desired height setting

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