Dubai Esports Festival 2024

Dubai Esports Festival 2024 Don’t Miss the Biggest Gaming Event!

Dubai Esports Festival 2024 is going to be bigger and better for gamers than before. Tournaments will be held for gamers for 17 days from 19 April to 5 May 2024 in Dubai.

Dubai Esports and Games Festival

Dubai Esports and Games Festival 2024

Citywide Tournaments and Activities (April 19th – May 2nd): The event of the 2024 Year is the biggest event to date. Citywide Tournaments and Activities will start on 19th April which will include career talks, educational challenges, workshops, and much more.

GameExpo Summit Powered by PG Connects (May 1st-2nd): There will be a discussion among industry experts at the Dubai Trade Center in GameExpo Summit 2024 which is being organized by PG Connects on 1-2 May. This B2B event will feature over 100 Game industry experts meeting and providing an excellent networking opportunity.

DEF Tournaments (April 19th – May 2nd): Here you can play and compete as a team in famous games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, and Brawl Stars. The Dubai Esports Festival 2024 caters to players from across the region on the occasion of the Ramadan League.

GameExpo (May 3rd-5th): This is the main event for gamers in Dubai Esports Festival 2024. Which is happening in Dubai’s World Trade Center. Here you can find your favorite gaming console and mobile game tournaments and see the latest gaming technology. If you want to know about the India to UAE underwater train then read this blog.

What Is The Dubai Gaming Event 2024?

Gaming Events In UAE 2024

The Dubai Esports & Gaming Festival is a series of events that will be held from 19 April to 5 May. It will have 4 main tournaments which will be the Citywide Tournament, GameExpo Summit, GameExpo, and the DEF Tournament which will be the biggest tournament of the year and will be played at Dubai World Trade Centre.