India to UAE Underwater Train

India to UAE Underwater Train: The Best Train of The Future

Imagine that you will not have to travel by air for hours to come from UAE to India. You simply traveled by train and reached the holy land of India in 2 hours, that too underwater. It feels so wonderful to think about your journey from India to UAE underwater. This underwater train is about to start.

India to UAE Underwater Train Purpose

India to UAE Underwater Train Purpose

The purpose of starting this train is to increase two-way trade. Goods and oil can be imported and exported between India and UAE. Passengers can also use this train. This train starts from Mumbai city of India and goes to Fujairah city of United Arab Emirates. Oil will be exported to India and Narmada river water will be imported to the UAE.  If you want to know about the Bharat Mart then read this blog.

The India to UAE Underwater Train project envisions a 2,000-kilometer underwater rail network carrying passengers and cargo at ultra-high speeds.  The trains would travel through a submerged tube, possibly stabilized by pontoons on the surface or tethered to the seabed. It is estimated that the trip would take around 2 hours, Trains are envisioned to travel at speeds of 600 to 1,000 kilometers per hour (373 to 621 mph), significantly faster than current travel options by ship or air.

Mumbai to Fujairah Underwater Train Project Start Date

The Mumbai to Fujairah underwater train is still a concept. The date of its completion has not come yet. This was proposed by the UAE in 2018.

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